Tigers + Selfies + New York = $500 Fine

This is another great example of your hard earned tax dollars in the¬†fiduciarily responsible hands of government. In New York state lawmakers thought it necessary to make it against the law to take a selfie while petting a tiger, punishable by up to a $500 fine. It makes one wonder if any of these politicians […]


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A Rebel That What Makes You It Is?

What does it mean to be a rebel? Is it fighting the body politic? Is it going against the social norm? Can it be something as simple as buying Colgate toothpaste because your mom always bought Crest? Yes. But where does this rebellious nature come from? What inspired it? What nurtured it? What cultivated it? […]

CIA Used Metally Ill Man to Justify Torture

An article in Motherboard today details the specifics of how the CIA used a mentally ill man to justify their interrogation tactics in Guantanamo. “Fill a standard-size bucket with liquid uranium. Attach a rope to the bucket. Now swing the rope around your head as fast as possible” “(The US government called ‚Äčhis bucket-swinging plan […]



Marco Rubio 15

This Florida representative expects us to thank our government for violating international law and torturing people that have not been convicted of a crime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sticking up for terrorists but ask your self this, do you think the executive branch of the US government did its due diligence in making […]